The furniture ITSELF - furniture the hands

  Welcome dear guest, on this site you will find useful information about how to make furniture for the house with his own hands. Our tips and tricks will help you to carry out work on the production of furniture perfectly and without extra cost - not everyone can afford to use the services of companies in the manufacture of furniture. 
    Suggest you learn to make furniture at home - it will help you save the family budget and make furniture material costs without trading margins. 
And remember the golden rule: "Do not mistake that - who does not do anything!" 
  • Metering facilities for the manufacture of furniture to order 
  • Project scale furniture for kitchens, closets, hallway, bedroom in Donetsk 
  • Detailing + cutting chart for Kitchens, closets, hallway, bedroom in Donetsk 
  • Designing any furniture to order 
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