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    In this article, we will explain how to make a computer desk with his hands. Please recommend that you read the heading measurements
As a material for the section we will use laminated chipboard 16 mm thick (there is also the thickness of 16,18,22,28 mm. Depending on the manufacturer). As a guide box - full extension telescopic rails firm DS or FF. 
Next we follow the instructions: 
1. Draw table design furniture in any program. If it is difficult to master furniture program, you can always remember the school geometry and draw a picture of the hand on a white sheet - but you need to understand that it will not scale! 
Or you can order the project on our website for a nominal fee. 




Transferring the project to the exact dimensions of the table, we shall be measured beforehand. Recommend to sign the project only dimensions - from them we will conduct all counts, if you write clean section dimensions of parts - will be a great chance to make a mistake in the calculation. Enumerate the numbers (1-10) parts of the table - tables, stand under the system unit, keyboard tray (so you do not confuse the details section). Please note that this order countertop table should be 32mm thick, that is, we will splice 2 chipboard and make them part of the required thickness. The table has legs on the bottom and pedestal tables, immediately sign the size of their project. Dimensions can be cut around the table in a circle - is the size that does not change. 


Writing "detailing". Write by hand the parts list section of which it consists, as shown in the example (it was a real order). Note the edge markers 3 colors, by the fact that the edge is different thickness for 16mm chipboard -22 * 0.5 * 22 mm and 2 mm for the table top, we will use 45 * 2mm edge. Do not forget about the fact that the edges of the facade of tolerance should be given taking into account the thickness of the edge (usually allowed facade on the hull is 2mm on each side, the gaps between the facades desktop 3mm). Draw a diagram of the assembly box. Admission under the guides give 26m at 13mm from the left and right (the thickness of the guide). Fiberboard box reckon with a tolerance-2mm at each end of the box. All dimensions of parts you can understand very simple - take a hand calculator and calculate for me based on the project and looking at the detailing.




   Writing a list of accessories, to which we need to build a table. 


     Now you can go to the distribution center to buy accessories and cutting chipboard, fiberboard, where the manager will make a card for cutting chipboard on our size. That's very simple, you can count, buy stuff and build homes on their own table. 
   Always order the project and detailing for a nominal fee, you can go to our website.
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