And so you took the important decision to manufacture a new kitchen furniture! May have even decided on the model or the material from which it is made​​. 
      The next important step for the manufacture of kitchen cabinets is to conduct the measurement space, in which will be the "heart" of the hearth. If you decide to conduct a preliminary measurement without the help of a specialist, please pay attention to our recommendations and a list of required values: 
What size should be measured for the manufacture of kitchens? 
WHEN SIZE ONLY USE DIMENSIONS in millimeters (mm) 
1.General area. - Length. Height. 
2.Shirina premises where installed kitchen is measured at 150mm \ 850mm \ 1450mm \ 2000mm from the floor. + Are measuring the width of the indented from the wall to a depth of 600mm. 
3.Zameryaem sizes of window openings, note the height from the floor to the window sill and the thickness of the sill + its departure (if it exists). 
4.Zameryaem gas pipes, if they exist. We measure the size of the wall before the pipe + width + depth of the pipe from the wall pipe. Note that the gas pipe with a valve are projections for gas shut if you have it do not forget to measure its departure to the left \ right and the upper point of the floor. 
5.Size window from the kitchen to the bathroom, if any. See sketch number 2. 
6.Razmery doorway opening direction of the door. 
7.Raspolozhenie sewerage and water supply, note where the pipe and measure the distance from the nearest corner to pipe, pipe width + flight from the wall. 
8.Otmechaem location heating duct pipe from the wall, and the batteries themselves dimensions height + width + depth. 
9.Gazovoe equipment: boiler, gas meter column or if they are - make similar measurements in section 4. 
10.Ventilyatsiya - we measure the size and location of the wall ventilation grille, as well as the center of the duct wall. 
11.Dalee fix on sketch by hand any other protrusions, holes, grooves. 
12.If you have already purchased appliances for a new kitchen, you should specify its exact dimensions (height, width, depth), it is desirable to specify the model - many manufacturers offer installation dimensions in the catalog. 
13.Teper do check the catch at the junction of wall panels, if the walls are not straight, then enter the taper angle. Angle is 90 degrees - normal, negative or positive. For the measurement you need metal corner 600h400mm. 



   If you need to schedule repair kitchen sockets for appliances, power pin extractor, the output power of the oven, hob, dishwasher. Sockets for appliances are usually placed at a height of 1000mm from the floor to the center of the outlet, the outlet for the oven at a distance of 350mm from the floor to the center, but when planning should take into account that they do not need is for the oven or p \ m machine will interfere unnecessarily. Under the hood wire lead does not matter, its height from the floor is usually 1950mm. 
   Ceramic tile apron should start to lay 860 mm from the floor (since the bottom of the kitchen should come under the tile, and hang on the top of the tiles), and the height of the "apron" 600mm, when laying note laying open tiles under the hood it should go on 50mm for the furniture section at the left \ right \ top. 
          To achieve more accurate results of the work suggest that you first designed the furniture for the kitchen - and only then calculate the size LAYING TILES AND LOCATION OF OUTLETS 
In measurements cuisine worth pointing the actual location of the tiles after laying. 
Note the wall panels of glass (skinali) that can replace it. 
   If you are still in doubt of your measurements, you can always call our zamerschika by phone: +380674539063 
   If you do decide to refuse the services of a specialist, you must understand that in the event of an error when measuring the space, the company-manufacturer is not liable for the quality of the installation and all the financial costs associated with the elimination of errors, you have to bear.
   If you make a measurement on our recommendation, you can send us stood by email and book project KITCHEN, wardrobe, dresser, desk. We will execute and send email.

Metering facilities for the installation of built-in wardrobes 
          On the example in this article, we consider the case when the wardrobe is installed as a "wall to wall". Just here often unforeseen situations during installation wardrobes. When you open one of the parties, then there is less likelihood of mistakes. But when you have to "enter" the so-called niche here and climb all sorts of "shoals." 
     We must understand that as a result of manufacturing sliding door wardrobe you get furniture design with right angles, otherwise will not work. How would you not want to, but at the corners of the cabinet-coupe shall be those angles and should be the furniture - straight. It is very difficult to make a mistake, but that your walls have angles can forget. For our builders, painters and plasterers in the course of their work often violate the geometric accuracy of the walls. So the lack of right angles in the doorway, where there will be a wardrobe - it is quite normal and natural fact. Treat it should tolerate and philosophically, but now "amendment to the wind" to be done carefully. 
Overall, based on this information, our scheme metering opening is as follows: 

   As you can see, the measurement space for mounting sliding door wardrobe is necessary to make a few points. I advise you to draw on a piece of paper like a sketch by hand, when you make measurements of your room. And then, there are making the results of their measurements. Based on the results, you will have determined the size of the future wardrobes. 

MEASURE WIDTH wardrobes 
  In the beginning do one series of 4 measurements on the rear wall of the length of the opening: 
• First - at the height of 100mm from the floor to the top 
• Second - at the height of 800mm from the floor to the top (he's a figure equal to 2161mm); 
• Third - at a distance of 600mm from the second to the top (in the picture he is 2158mm); 
• Fourth - at a distance of 800mm from the third to the top (in the picture he is 2160mm). 
   Next, you need to make at least one more series of measurements, but departing from the first series of 300mm on the rear. Continue as in the previous example, spend 4 measuring at different heights. Do. 
    Further recommend to make the last series of measurements, but departing from the first series of 600mm on the rear. Continue as in the previous example, spend 4 measuring at different heights. Do. 
     And when you spend opening measurements, you will realize what builders differ from furniture manufacturers. In short, the error which is the norm for the builder, furniture can "become sideways." 
Soundings wardrobes 
     We measure the distance to the strategically important objects (projections, sockets, switches, doorways). Actually, the point is that your wardrobe does not interfere with anything, and that it is not obstructed. Well, imagine, for example, did you wardrobe depth of 700mm, 600mm and at a distance from the edge is worth the switch. As a result, it may happen that your cabinet installation will prevent this switch, or cabinet will block access to it. 
     In our example, the object is a strategic doorway. Cabinet depth must not block the doorway. But in this case, we are not threatened, as to the doorway we 1000mm. Usually cabinets coupe make depth 600-700mm, but it is better to do-600mm will be more economical for cutting (sheet width 1830mm chipboard). But if it was up to the opening of 500 mm, here already could cause problems in the case, if your closet had a depth of 700mm. 

         Then it is necessary to measure the distance from floor to ceiling. This measurement necessarily perform at several points as you measured the gap space (left, right and center, with the front of the cabinet and the back of the closet). In general - the essence of measurement is to ensure that the maximum information about the size of the room, and then to calculate its dimensions wardrobes. URGES Pit CEILING LEVEL to understand in the level or not. 
If the ceiling is not the level RECOMMEND TO CABINET BELOW 150-200mm

• If the wardrobe stands in a niche - I recommend you make it smaller from the narrowest part of the opening 10-20mm chipboard unnecessarily cutting accuracy of the machine is 1-1.5 mm. and the assembly of the cabinet will be easier not to spoil the wallpaper. 
• If the task is to collect cabinet to the ceiling - I recommend to make kitchen cabinet with adjustable legs make it lower by 20-30mm than the lowest part of the ceiling. Then when you collect wardrobe lift it to the ceiling, and the lower base trim after installing the cabinet. Meria LEVEL CEILING IN THIS CASE MUST. 
• Standard wardrobes below the ceiling to make the 150-200mm, it was convenient to mount and dust during operation. 
• When designing the enclosure dimensions to observe the length of the parts calculation sheet size 2750 * 1830mm.Tseluyu item more than 2730mm long cut will not work. 
FURTHER determines the size of your closet based on your METERING 
If you make a measurement on our recommendation, you can send us stood by email and book project KITCHEN, wardrobe, dresser, desk.

MEASURE dresser, desk, tables, wardrobe 
   Measurement furniture that stands alone (not built), much easier to give beginners. To make the measurement, you will need a measuring tape, a sheet of paper and pen. 
   We measure only 3 size length, depth and height, as indicated in the example in the figure, as well if the back of the furniture to the wall worth - make measurements plinth height (usually plinth height 65mm). 

   If you make a measurement on our recommendation, you can send us stood by email and book project KITCHEN, wardrobe, dresser, desk. We will execute and send email.